Source: Ministry of Health

Research has shown a direct link between lifestyle activities such as poor diet, lack of exercise and the onset of chronic disease. In Jamaica the major causes of death and disability have changed over the last 50 years from communicable and infectious diseases to chronic disease conditions that are lifestyle related.

In 1999 the Public & Private sector’s ambulatory and hospital based care for cardiovascular disease was projected at J$1.8 billion.
Cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus obesity and Cancer accounted for 56% of the deaths in Jamaica
A well-defined health & wellness programme is a critical part of any health management plan. With InCheckTM, you are taking a proactive approach to improving the quality of life for your employees and their dependents.

An investment in wellness assessment provides the foundation for proactive care, as it gives the basis for personal health couseling and also provides the ability to target risk groups for intervention.

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