First Claim/Incident Notification

Report incident as soon as possible to our office via telephone


Complete our electronic claim notification form

Then visit our office with copies of the following documents:

    • Motor Vehicle Certificate of Fitness
    • Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate
    • Driver’s Licence

You will be required to complete a Claim Form / an Incident Report Form for submission to your Insurance Company.

Motor Accident Check List

Note/Obtain the following information:

Date and time of accident
Location: (eg Waterloo Road in vicinity of Canadian Embassy)
Names of All Parties involved (including pedestrians/cyclists)

    • owner and driver of other vehicle
    • make, model and licence plate on other vehicle
    • damage sustained to other vehicle
    • number of passengers in each vehicle
    • nature of injuries (if any) and to whom

Names of Witnesses on the scene
Police Officers – on scene and at Police Station

Theft of Motor Vehicle
Collision Damage
Breakage of Glass

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