Why a specific major medical coverage?

One answer is peace of mind – the peace of mind that comes from knowing that there is a sufficiency of coverage to afford the most up-to-date medical care and be able to access that care wherever in the world the best facility or treatment regime may be available.

Another answer is the cost of best care, especially in circumstances where that care is only available, or best accessed, overseas. Coverage denominated in local currency will prove inadequate in any situation where everyone, your doctor included, agrees that in a particular case the best available care or the reliance on best technology may be required. And, why would anyone not want to have the best possible care in a major illness situation, irrespective of where that care may be available?

Overseas/International Major Medical Health Insurance Coverage

It is critically important to safeguard the health and well-being of key personnel. At times, the locally underwritten health policies may be inadequate in the event of serious conditions, such as the costly-to-treat, lifestyle-related illnesses which are a growing concern to health administrators in Jamaica and worldwide.

In response to the need to fill this “coverage gap” we offer a suite of overseas major medical health insurance solutions, all FSC approved, with the following features:

  1. Underwritten by world class health insurance companies, with strong and credible international ratings by appropriate rating agencies, strong global reputations and lengthy backgrounds in expatriate health coverage;

  2. Maximum coverage amounts denominated in US dollars – a minimum of US$1 million – all annually renewable, as opposed to being lifetime maximums.

  3. 100% inpatient/in-hospital benefits and varying values of outpatient, post-hospitalization and other benefits;

  4. Benefits accessible worldwide;

  5. Flexible deductible choices, with some deductibles completely waived where medical care is accessed in Jamaica;

  6. For some products, children under age 11 covered free-of-cost on parents’ policies.

[special_font size=”20″ unit=”px” ]How likely is it that a costly medical care situation may arise? [/special_font]

The statistics tend to support this likelihood. Preventable lifestyle illnesses are the greatest causes of morbidity and mortality in the Caribbean. In Jamaica’s case 56% of all deaths annually are due to preventable causes! (National Strategic Plan for the Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle in Jamaica”, 2008).

So, if you want peace of mind whatever life throws at you, give us a call

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