Employee Benefits

Elevate Your Employee Experience with AIB’s Comprehensive Benefits Portfolio
At Allied Insurance Brokers (AIB), we understand that employees are the heartbeat of any successful enterprise. To enhance the daily lives of your workforce and enrich your employment package, we offer bespoke Employee Benefits Insurance solutions that go beyond the ordinary.
Empowering Your Team
Our dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals is committed to managing your Employee Benefits Portfolio with precision and care. We recognize that these benefits are not just enhancements; they are a testament to our commitment to your employees’ well-being.
A Suite of Comprehensive Covers
Explore the extensive range of Employee Benefits Covers we provide, designed to add value to your employees’ lives
Group Health
Comprehensive healthcare coverage ensuring your employees’ well-being.
Group Life/Creditor Life/Mortgage Life
Providing financial security for your employees and their families.
Group Personal Accident
Additional protection against unforeseen accidents, ensuring financial stability.
Group Pension
A secure and rewarding retirement plan for your valued employees.
Individual Health Insurance (Local & US$)
Tailored health insurance solutions for individual needs, locally and globally.
Comprehensive Services for Your Peace of Mind
Our commitment extends beyond coverage. AIB provides a suite of services to ensure seamless administration and optimization of your Employee Benefits
Plan Design
Customized benefit plans crafted to suit the unique needs of your workforce.
Marketing & Plan Negotiation
Leveraging our industry expertise to secure the best terms for your benefit programs.
Pension Advice
Expert guidance to navigate the complexities of pension planning for a secure retirement.
Placement & Administration
Streamlined processes for efficient placement and administration of benefit programs.
Innovative Products for Specific Groups
Our Employee Benefits Department takes pride in introducing two specialized products catering to distinct groups. These offerings provide expanded coverage and cost efficiency, setting new benchmarks in the local market.
At AIB, we go beyond conventional Employee Benefits Insurance. We redefine the standard, ensuring that your employees receive not just coverage but a comprehensive package that enhances their overall quality of life. Elevate your emp