banner-GeneralInsuranceIn a world full of possibilities, you may just want to insure your uncertainties. At Allied Insurance Brokers, we provide risk management solutions to provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that you have made the best possible use of your available resources, in the protection of your assets and liabilities, against identified perils.

Here at AIB we seek to negotiate the best possible insurance terms on your behalf, to provide you with the most affordable protection, whether in your personal or commercial capacity.

The range of insurance protection that we will negotiate on your behalf include, but is not limited to:
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  • Motor Vehicle Insurance – Private & Commercial coverage which includes collision, Acts of God, Accidental Damage, Third Party Liability
  • Liability Insurance – Employer’s Liability, Public & Products Liability, Media Liability, Cyber Risks Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Pension Trustees Liability, Marine Terminal Operators Liability, Professional Indemnity/Errors & Omissions
  • Pecuniary Loss Insurance – Fidelity Guarantee (Employee Dishonesty), Loss of Money, Bankers Blanket Bond, Tender/Bid/Mobilisation Bonds, Kidnap & Ransom Insurance, Consequential Loss
  • Marine, Aviation and Transport Insurance – Marine, Aviation & Transport, Inland Transits, Marine Hull (Pleasure/Commercial Crafts), Marine Cargo, Aircraft Damage
  • Property Insurance – Commercial Property, Burglary, Plate Glass, Home Insurance (Building & Contents), Engineering Risks (Boilers, Machinery & Equipment Breakdown), Computer All Risks, Contractors All Risks (Construction Works/Material on site)

General Insurance policies will primarily protect you against accidental loss or damage to your insured property and will exclude insurance of your life, per se, which would be addressed under Life Insurance. Liability insurance will protect you against legal claims for bodily injury sustained as a result of your negligence. The event that causes the insured loss or damage suffered must be sudden, unforeseen, not designed nor planned for.

For the payment of a premium, Insurers will promise to pay you for the financial loss suffered if a particular event occurs. This may be damage to your home due to fire, legal liability incurred through the operation of your business, negligent advice given in your professional capacity, hurricane damage to your business premises, consequential loss sustained following damage to your property, collision damage to your motor vehicle or yacht, protection against cyber risks crimes or any other exposures to your assets and liabilities.

AIB will partner with you for your success. Give us a call.

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