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Ministry of Health statistics indicate that lifestyle illnesses are a significant and growing problem for Jamaica, as indeed they are worldwide. These chronic illnesses are the primary causes of morbidity and mortality, to such an extent that 56% of Jamaicans die each year from diseases which are almost entirely preventable – hypertension, obesity and weight related issues, coronary problems, cancer, diabetes and stroke. For employers there are two issues: (i) employee health and wellbeing, and (ii) employee productivity, the latter being affected as much by the state of health of employees as by the effectiveness and efficiency of internal systems, processes and workflows.

We have developed InCheck™ to assist companies and organizations to design and implement intervention strategies to improve employee health and, by doing so, to attract and retain good talent and, ultimately, improve productivity. InCheck™ is an information technology based system that is ideal for proactive population management on the workforce health level, utilizing a combination of biometric data and a highly confidential, computer-based assessment to identify and do the following:

  1. Highlight health risk factors within the workplace;

  2. Recommend actions to address the risk factors identified;

  3. Enable targeting of risks so that intervention strategies may be customized to the specific needs of at risk groups;

  4. Evaluate the cost-benefit and analyze the economic impact of intervention;

  5. Track progress and manage outcomes.


[special_font size=”20″ unit=”px” ]What happens at the end of assessment?[/special_font]

Generate detailed reports on their individual health, linking their health profile to the outcome of their biometric testing as well as their lifestyle habits and preferences.

[special_font size=”20″ unit=”px” ]How safe is my personal information?[/special_font]

Employers do not have access to the employees’ confidential and personal data, but are provided with very detailed reports on the health profile of the organizations highlighting health risk factors, if any, their degree of prevalence, and their economic and financial impact in terms of productivity levels.

[special_font size=”20″ unit=”px” ]Where is InCheck™ being used?[/special_font]

InCheck™ has been implemented in Jamaica as well as in Trinidad, and is available to both clients and non-clients of AIB, at an affordable cost.

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