Do you own a watercraft or an aircraft? Have goods transported via land or sea? Then you might want to consider one of the following types of insurance Marine, Aviation or Transport.

  • Hull (Ships and Aircrafts) – The insurance on a ship is referred to as Hull Insurance.
  • Cargo – A contract of marine insurance on goods in transit may be extended to cover the goods from the time they leave the supplier’s warehouse until they reach the warehouse of the consignees.
  • Freight – loading and unloading of the cargo
  • Transport Risks (by rail, road, sea, air) – carrying goods from warehouse to port and vice versa.
  • Port Risks – safety of ship while at the port
  • Pleasure & Commercial Craft/Boats – why not insurance for your yacht or Jet Ski
  • Airport & Marine Terminal Operators Liability – insurance for damage to cargo and the property of others while at these facilities