Are you a professional giving advice? Are you a manager of a company or board member? Want to ensure that your business and employer are covered? Then look no further one of these Liability Insurance products will be right for you. Liability Insurance has to do with our legal responsibility towards persons around us (“our neighbours”) and their property.

  • Employers Liability – you may be held responsible for damages/injury resulting from either inefficient or lack of proper tools and working conditions for employee(s). Also an employer may be liable for the action(s) of an employee while on the job.
  • Public Liability – you may be held responsible for any possible damage/injury that may occur to an individual (s) while they are on your premises. For example having visitors at your home and your dog bites them.
  • Products Liability – you may be held liable for damage or injury due to use of your product(s).
  • Professional Indemnity (Errors & Omissions) – as a professional one has a duty to ensure the advice given is accurate as if the client acts upon this advice and it turns out to be incorrect/cause loss you will be held responsible so it is quite pertinent to put in place insurance coverage should this occur. This is especially good for your business whether large or small.
  • Cyber Liability – addresses the first- and third-party risks associated with e-business, the Internet, networks and informational assets.
  • Media Liability – protects you against claims arising out of the gathering and communication of information. Media Liability Insurance provides very valuable coverage against defamation and invasion of privacy claims as well as copyright and/or Trademark infringement.
  • Directors & Officers Liability – this type of insurance is usually purchased to put the Insured/policyholder back in a similar financial position that he was prior to the loss, “against legal liability for any claim or claims for breach of duty, negligent acts, errors or omissions.”
  • Pension Trustees Liability – these are persons who are responsible for the management of the pension fund to the benefit of the members within the provisions of the law. The purpose of insurance is to protect the pension scheme members against “wrongful acts” by trustees, investment managers and administrators.
  • Occupiers – This policy involves compensating the policyholder if he/she becomes legally liable to pay for death or injury to persons due to the ownership or occupation of premises.
  • Tenants – This entails compensation to the insured in the event that he is liable by law for accidental damage to premises (including their fixtures and fittings) leased or rented by the Insured according to certain provisions.