Glenhope gets further assistance

THE Glenhope Place of Safety has received $250,000 from Allied Insurance Brokers to assist with refurbishing and rebuilding efforts following a fire last year which destroyed sections of the facility.

Wife of the Governor-General Patricia Allen, accepted the cheque on behalf of the institution from Assistant General Manager, Allied Insurance Brokers, Andrea McLennon, during a brief ceremony yesterday at King’s House.

Allen commended the insurance company for the kind gesture. She said the funds will assist in the rebuilding process, and improve the situation of the female wards.

She argued that if they have comfortable living conditions “they will love it, they will want to take care of it but if we give them substandard things, then their behaviours will be substandard also.”

McLennon said the assistance will provide some aid to the home in getting it back on its feet and on the road to recovery.
“As the primary residence for so many young persons, we wanted to assist in providing a home that is comfortable and secure, so that the girls can focus on their educational, social and emotional development,” she said.

Glenhope caters to female wards of the state aged 12 to 18 years, who have been removed from their families and either deemed in need of care and protection, or who have committed an offence. A nursery was also housed at the facility.

The devastating fire last November destroyed dormitories and a classroom block. Since the incident, the girls have been placed at 10 residential child care facilities across the island.

A number of institutions and organisations have come forward to offer support to the rebuilding effort, estimated to cost $55 million, with the proceeds of last week’s National Leadership Prayer Breakfast dedicated to the facility.

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